Is cracking on the floors normal?

Yes. It is the inherent property of all screeds made with Portland cement and aggregates to shrink during the process of drying. Also cracking can occur in the concrete slab (substrate) below the screed causing structural or settling cracks. However, some people actually love the rustic, organic look that can be achieved by leaving minor random cracks exposed. With the correct preparation, bonding, and curing of the screed unsightly cracks will be minimised. Maxicoatings takes all precautions to reduce the risk of cracking by performing substrate tests prior to application, applying bonding liquids and polypropylene fibres to the screeds, pushing expansion joints at weak points and promoting adequate curing and drying times. As long as they are not separating or breaking up the screed, cracks are considered a natural process and are welcomed much like stone and rock cracks are not regarded as unsightly.

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