Colour Screed Floors

Maxicoatings has in excess of 15 years’ experience to advise clients on the best flooring screed for their sites. We have laid many thousands of square meters of hard wearing concrete flooring which is fully decorative.  We have trowelled self-levelling screeds in areas where a topping already exists and we have stained many concrete floors with pigmented stainers. Creative flair is easily realized in our skilled hands.

Colour Screed floors consists of two types of flooring techniques, Granolithic & Topping Overlay.

Granolithic Floors
A dry powder shake is sprinkled onto wet, new screeds and wood floated in, becoming part of your floor screed. This is a highly durable, strong and decorative screed floor. As the colour penetrates the screed it will not ‘walk off’.

– Interior and exterior use
– Extremely durable and hardwearing
– Beautiful natural, earthly finish
– Easy to Maintain

Topping Overlay
Screed overlays are coloured, cement-based trowelled-on floor coatings which are versatile, durable and water resistant. The decorative finish has subtle mottling for interior surfaces. The screed overlay is applied to an already existing screed approximately 1.5mm thick.

– Laid on top of existing screeds, it is perfect for renovations.
– Thin application – doesn’t interfere with door levels.
– Versatile, can be used to coat kitchen counters or vanities.
– Easy to Maintain
– Seamless

Trowel on Coatings

Maxicoatings’ specialised team of skimmers can transform even the smallest space into a natural eco-friendly sanctum. Our team has experience in working with all of the creative flair required by many of our clients, architects and designers while still maintaining a high quality finish.

A 3mm skim-on wall finish cures to a smooth, suede-like finish making it perfect for bathrooms, baths, kitchens, and vanities. This application is used in interiors only and can be sealed to a matt, gloss, and waterproof finish.

– Subtle colour variations
– Ideal for bathroom & kitchen walls
– Easy to clean due to its smooth finish
– Versatile, can be applied to countertops / vanities

Brush on Cement

Maxicoatings specialises in brush on paint techniques. Our client base ranges from first time home buyers requiring waterproof exterior coatings, to up- market developments calling for a natural appearance in home décor and design.

We have extensive experience in all brush on and trowel on paint techniques. Brush-on interior and exterior cement wall coatings create a uniquely rough textured finish.

– For interior and exterior use
– Can be applied straight onto brickwork
– UV resistant, waterproof and economical
– Wears well over time


Painting preparation is the of utmost importance. Our staff are trained to uncover underlying damp spots, open up cracks, remove flaking paint and treat each of these problem areas before beginning with primer and top quality paints.

We never cut corners in preparation as the endurance of even the best quality paints can be tested by inefficient preparation.